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Sunday, January 18, 2009

On Being Human.

I've come to the conclusion
that I'm human,
and that's alright.
I drink like a human,
smoke like a human,
maybe that's okay.
I get angry,
feel sad,
too sad sometimes,
but I can live with that.
I fart human farts,
shit human logs,
and piss off,
just like a homosapien,
and I can deal with it.
I say things I shouldn't say,
think thoughts I shouldn't think...
or maybe I should.
Either way,
It's all good.
I cheat when I play games,
make up tall tales,
lick my lips,
suck in my stomach,
and lose my mind sometimes...
like me,
and I think I'm alright.
And I just spilled beer on myself,
Just like a man,
but being a man
is still something,
I have to cope with.



Jesus minus u. said...

I want to open mouth kiss your cerebrum.

Ben the Spider said...

might be the best comment I've ever gotten.