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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Horny Horny?

Oh greetings!
I'm a Horny Toad!
A very, very horny toad mind you.
Hide your wives,
lock away your daughters.
Shield your girlfriends,
I'm giving them looks at the bar.
I'm looking to get some,
to flick my beanie tongue,
to roll back my eyes.
I know I'm just a toad,
but I've got a fever.
A passion
ready to spew forth
like lava.
Please believe me,
please me,
don't tease me.
I'm such a fragile little thing,
and I spend so much time
in deserts .
So if you see me,
and find me disgusting,
shame on you!
We all get horny sometimes.
At least I'm not calling it


For a Dying Mother

O sweetheart.
My beautiful
Green Mother.
Feel you twirlin'
dancin' in blue moonlight.
O baby I see you smile
every early mornin'
little birds singin' to you
as it washes you sweet woman
in that warm liquid light.
You smile still
in the midst of all our tears.
Cause we know you're dyin'.
Every time we stop
we can feel it.
You feel it too mama,
you just don't dance
like you used to.
I wanna hug your
full, beautiful
woman's figure.
Caress your soft brown skin.
Kiss you softer than the sun does.
Those wrinkles don't matter to me mama,
you're still so, so beautiful.
And my father,
he still loves you.
You took such good care of us baby,
I'll take care of you now.
I'll dance with you.
Now show me that beautiful smile.


Friday, January 23, 2009

A few Haiku in 5:7:5

When the snake seeks love,
No one comes with open arms,
So he bites instead.

Saw my shattered glass,
Light through prisms shine on God,
This is my last dream.

When I'm most alone,
Everyone else surrounds me,
solitude remains.

Bought some roller skates,
Fell down and then scraped my knee,
Skating is for queers.

Happy Halloween,
Bitch I'm knocking on your door,
Give me some candy.

Make myself ugly,
Girls do not smile anymore,
Looks are everything.

-Later (Me)

Thursday, January 22, 2009


If there's a Superman,
then he's got no chance;
cause this world
is in love
with Kryptonite.

I bought some the other day,
spread it on my burger.
It tasted good,
but I know
that neither Superman,
or these fuckin' nerds
can swallow it.


Sunday, January 18, 2009

On Being Human.

I've come to the conclusion
that I'm human,
and that's alright.
I drink like a human,
smoke like a human,
maybe that's okay.
I get angry,
feel sad,
too sad sometimes,
but I can live with that.
I fart human farts,
shit human logs,
and piss off,
just like a homosapien,
and I can deal with it.
I say things I shouldn't say,
think thoughts I shouldn't think...
or maybe I should.
Either way,
It's all good.
I cheat when I play games,
make up tall tales,
lick my lips,
suck in my stomach,
and lose my mind sometimes...
like me,
and I think I'm alright.
And I just spilled beer on myself,
Just like a man,
but being a man
is still something,
I have to cope with.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Gets Ugly

Every drop that ran down
was a paintbrush stroke
in red and blue
As they carve their fears upon me
I had asked for death
and there she was
As the earth pulled back it's fingers
as the fire spewed out
my chest and back
Beautiful brush strokes and colors
I'm your canvas now
make me red and black
Just a seconds slip in silence
after that it's all
a morning haze
and I find myself beside me
needing bandages


Monday, January 12, 2009

Manhattan Project

Old Romans
Big brown Chariots
Gorgeous for the Moonlight
it lights me,
shines down on my eyes
Dead kings dance in back streets
the foul stench burns
feels like I've been crying
Maybe somethings vanished
Who'll dance up there?
We all avoid that square.
This city sleeps
Never did before,
now it never wakes
So let's shake it.
Blind poets free,
should never write of what they see...
Is this why?
Who was the first to tell that lie?
Someone said,
"We are better"
and someone believed.
They all heard
gave themselves names,
grew beards,
and learned bigger words
And then we all died.
Don't feel ashamed,
Manhattan islands all the same.
New Amsterdam,
has gone missing.


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Love Drunk

Right to my chest,
like moonshine and maple,
or moonlight through maples,
or moons in your eyes.

It blinds me completely,
this thought of you hurting
or simply me feeling,
it's what I despise.

So love is like moonshine,
it burns 'till you feel warm
and then leaves you tipsy
and out of your mind.

But I've found you perfect,
so girl let's get wasted,
I'll drink you completely
and we'll be just fine.


A laundry day 7 am rant.

What time was it when God created life? Hmm. I guess a lot of that depends on what time God goes to bed... Either way, if it was anywhere near the time I got up this morning to do laundry, or the time my dad usually wakes up, then I know why the human race has so many problems. To an insomniac, it seems a waste that the morning should be almost as beautiful as the night. It seems a waste that birds should sing for the rising of the sun and not the great glowing moon. That wolf understands, but these birds got it all wrong. Navigate by stars my airborne sillies, the sun is only one giant bastard of a burning shit. Your path is illuminated by millions of shit lamps at night birdie, that owl understands... At least one bird got it right. Hoo hoo!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Family Trees and Flowers

The animation is from Disney's "Flowers and Trees" (1932) and the music is "Family Tree" by TV on the Radio. Absolutely gorgeous.

Did ya like it?

Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Visit 1

I'd like to visit them
in Dreams.
Under black thatched roofs
leaking prismatic drops of dew
into their senses.
They'd wait
by some strange play or thing
as I travelled
rolling on the wind
a wisp
something cool and dry.
Be forewarned,
my love for them,
for you...
would extend to the stars
and under the pressure
surrounding this
undoubtedly burst
and sprinkle down this earth
a lovely pearl snow
only to mix with prismatic dew
and ever so gracefully slip through the cracks
of their black thatched roofs
quenching the dust
of your consciousness,
and fertilizing the seeds
in that old attic,
creating a gorgeous
emerald sprout
that will in time
grow into something sturdy.
Something that looks
a lot like