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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Forces of Nature

Gravity, being a real asshole, was in a particularly bad mood. No one is really clear as to the reason why, but when you spend all of your time keeping people down, the emotional exhaustion can be quite taxing. Carl was sharpening his pencil on the 7th floor of his office building, when all of a sudden, Gravity got tired of keeping him grounded. So it let go. Carl slowly drifted to the the ceiling, with an expression on his face that indicated pure terror. Pressed against the white boards, he gently waved his arms as if trying to swim. 0g however, doesn't work that way. Carl only succeeded in catching a small breeze which sent him floating over towards a window which was left carelessly opened. This caught the attention of his co-workers, who's gaping mouths and wide eyes did no more to help him than the non-existent window blinds. Carl began to slip right out of the window. Ted, being a friend to Carl, ran after him trying to offer him a hand or broomstick to hold onto, but he was too late for Carl had already succeeded in drifting up into the cerulean sky and soon would be floating out in the nothingness of space.

Ted was sad, as was Carl's girlfriend Amy. She never dated again. Instead, she devoted her days to promoting oral hygiene. She would occasionally paint portraits of rolling pins. Carl's parents were both senile and had completely forgotten that Carl was ever born, but for some reason they couldn't shake the feeling that something was missing. Carl's dog, Biscuits, succeeded in digging himself out of their apartment, and finding a new family that would feed him puppy mix regularly. He was happy. However, missing his original owner, Biscuits would engage in a weekly ritual which consisted of chewing at the curtains and howling the melody of "I'll stand by you" by the pretenders towards the sky, waiting to hear a response from his master.

Carl wasn't heard from for a long time. And everyone cared...

except for Gravity.


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