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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Silly Feeling

And if I had the chance,
I would ask you to dance,
just to love you in treble clef,
so you could hear the nuances,
of loving me in every key,
playing along you and me,
and I'm
So fine,
feeling as if I had found,
the pleasure then,
of taking flight upon a cloud,
another king,
and with that crown,
do right inside the ocean flight of ecstasies,
growing beneath the roots,
and holding up the branches,
Dancers caught in flirting glances,
with moonlight,
And rolling along the skin,
It calls me in,
with merriment and song,
and I take you along,
down my back it slides,
like currents into life,
All under heaven see,
from sea to shining sea,
and I'm,
So blue,
And so are you,
and that's not such a bad thing.


Monday, June 8, 2009

Midnight in Columbia

I hear a bird chirpin'
It's past midnight
So he must be confused.

An unidentifiable insect
just ran across my notebook.
I've just killed it.

Its insides are smeared
across the letter "I"
and I

Immediately regret
doing what I just did.
That little fella didn't know...

I'm so sorry.