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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Bookstore Poetry

I wrote this poem in a bookstore. Thought I'd share it.

I will roam,
forgetting the sound of my voice,
to put you back together again.
A child-like mind
with a God-like disposition,
looking without
but with my own desire
for you to achieve
Give me a paint brush
And I will illustrate
a piece of music
So beautiful
that you will hear again.
And if I use my
to play for you a newer
more beautiful
I know you will stand again,
and with new eyes,
Look upon me
as the Old Child
You've been waiting for.

Holbrook Beats the Devil

Beat the Devil today
Saw him at the Bodega
right down the street
buyin' a honey bun
and a bag of utz.
He turned and smiled
said "hi"
"why not?" I thought
"If mankind is right
all of the world's problems
by this guy."
So I rolled up my sleeves
and kicked his ass.
Devil might have horns
but he fights like a little
So I beat the Devil world
now everything will be okay.
I've done my part world.
And you're welcome.


Friday, September 5, 2008

Zeus took a shit

High above the clouds
on top of great Olympus
the great king of the gods
in all of his majesty
and awe inspiring glory
took a shit
and read the paper.
He read of famine
of brother killing brother
of people being consumed
from the inside out
by the physical manifestation
of their own hatred.
He read of his planet
slowly and methodically
being eaten away at
and penetrated
and raped
for the masses
to feed their families.
He read about explosives
much more powerful
than his own jagged
ripping through the flesh
of his children's mother.
And he read about the atrocities
men laid upon each other
women too actually
in the name of an old friend
to whom he hasn't spoken
in a long time
and at this
he growled
full of anger and resolve.
Zeus folded his paper
and decided
that it was time to descend
to Earth
to save his planet.
Starting now...
but alas
no toilet paper
on the day he decided
to wear his favorite
white, spotless toga.


Friday, August 29, 2008

Jelly Jelly

I'm a Jellyfish
and like my name suggests
I am made of Jelly.
Not grape jelly mind you
I have some class.
I come in a variety
of delectable flavors
Raspberry for instance
Pineapple as well.
So please
If you see me wash up on shore
feel free
to spread me on your breakfast toast
or pair me with Peanut Butter
in your 8 year old's sandwich.
And a secret for you
Just for you
for in the water I sting
but on land
if used just right
I make an impeccable
for your meats
and your treats
and maybe even your feets
If you're into that kind of thing.


Build a web

I'm a lot like a spider
'cept I don't make webs
or eat bugs
not on purpose anyway.
I do have hairy legs,
but I only have 2
well... maybe 3.
I could be poisonous
and I do bite,
but I only have 2 eyes
I've never been called 4 eyes
maybe bright eyes,
but I wear sunglasses a lot.
I'm sometimes sneaky,
but nobody ever hit me with the paper,
or tried to step on me.
But I do
try my damndest,
to devour my lovers completely
and wholeheartedly
attempting to feel every ounce of them
as we spin a web of a different kind.
But only lady black widows do that,
and I ain't no chick.


The Flies

I sleep with the flies
like a corpse
Death shrouded in the scent
that attracts life.
They wait patiently
for when I bleed to death
they will use my gift
to sustain their hunger.
To them it'll be just a snack
but I bet I'll taste good
filling like a whole meal.
A bloody steak
and a bottle of Dutch Gin.


Thoughts before bed

So sleepy
problem is
if my soul drifts down
into that unfathomable state
what happens to Ben?
Will I wake up?
My last breath
may be this very night.
I'll pray just in case
cause hell is hot,
or I'll meditate
so I can reincarnate
into a butterfly
or a god.
Maybe I'll write a will
leave all my stuff
to that last girl I slept with
or empty my bowels
so they won't find my carcass
covered in shit.
I should wear something nice
look artistic
maybe pose in a praying position
face to the sky
with a tear on my left cheek.
Actors can do that kind of thing.
No I'll just sleep
like a normal man,
but I'll keep a stick on me
just in case I do die
to beat the devil off my heels
cause that dog'll definitely
come barkin'.


What this is.

Poetry mostly. If I'm to be honest with you, I'm using this almost purely as personal record for my own progress, or to be able to look back and see what I was feeling and writing with out having to sift through notebooks full of other content. I do, however, hope that whoever finds themselves reading this enjoys it. It's all very simple, I'm not a very complex writer or thinker (at least not in my opinion), but if this can allow me to connect with others on an honest and artistic level, then I'm all for it being public.