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Sunday, January 25, 2009

For a Dying Mother

O sweetheart.
My beautiful
Green Mother.
Feel you twirlin'
dancin' in blue moonlight.
O baby I see you smile
every early mornin'
little birds singin' to you
as it washes you sweet woman
in that warm liquid light.
You smile still
in the midst of all our tears.
Cause we know you're dyin'.
Every time we stop
we can feel it.
You feel it too mama,
you just don't dance
like you used to.
I wanna hug your
full, beautiful
woman's figure.
Caress your soft brown skin.
Kiss you softer than the sun does.
Those wrinkles don't matter to me mama,
you're still so, so beautiful.
And my father,
he still loves you.
You took such good care of us baby,
I'll take care of you now.
I'll dance with you.
Now show me that beautiful smile.