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Sunday, January 11, 2009

A laundry day 7 am rant.

What time was it when God created life? Hmm. I guess a lot of that depends on what time God goes to bed... Either way, if it was anywhere near the time I got up this morning to do laundry, or the time my dad usually wakes up, then I know why the human race has so many problems. To an insomniac, it seems a waste that the morning should be almost as beautiful as the night. It seems a waste that birds should sing for the rising of the sun and not the great glowing moon. That wolf understands, but these birds got it all wrong. Navigate by stars my airborne sillies, the sun is only one giant bastard of a burning shit. Your path is illuminated by millions of shit lamps at night birdie, that owl understands... At least one bird got it right. Hoo hoo!


Ester Wilson said...

i like your writing

Ben the Spider said...

Thank you for the comment, I'm really into your work. You stuff on the website is fantastic. Any chance that you might look into having a showing in the NYC area anytime soon?

Ester Wilson said...

I might be putting together a show of the artwork I've recently done for a short film soon to be released called Intifada NYC. The Director, David Teague, has talked a little about wanting a gallery showing to correlate with the film, and he's in Brooklyn, so that may happen with fingers crossed. I'd definitely announce that on my blog. :)

Thanks for the kind words! I was reading some of the posts from your other blog yesterday and couldn't stop're really a great writer.