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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

BH and his Atomic Mind

They found me at the picnic table
protecting my irises with aviator sun glasses
protecting my shoulders
with spiritual burden
chewing steadily on falafel
scribbling some sense
on my wooden tablet

I mean
it's not like i
was trying to hide

I was in the sunlight
skin taking a strange tone
chocolate cherry

I digress

My jeans
took the sun's light
and relayed it's heated message
to my thighs
while my chest
under my t-shirt
got the sun directly

I guess i wasn't feeling
that day

That day
they found me
in a state of contemplation
so intense
that my brain waves
seemed to radiate
exciting my hair
which spiraled
in spasms of glee

Tiny hairs
stretching from my chin
tiny bags
hanging like
"do not disturb" signs
from my eyelids

And here I was
waiting to be found
as all things are
and I was
and so shall you be