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Sunday, February 28, 2010

7 27 09

I found this in a notebook that I kept whilst I was performing on the road last summer. Found it kind of interesting, so I decided to paste it to my computer screen.

10:17 pm and I've managed to get a hotel room
next to a waffle house.
The guy next to me asks what I'm smokin'
then what I'm writin'
then where I'm from.
10:23 pm and I'm drinkin' coffee
and eatin' hashbrowns
in Charlotte, NC
lil' yellow house on the corner
of Sunset rd and _______
make a pilgrimage.
When I left the hotel room
a little black cat
was waitin' for me.
It followed me here.
They wouldn't let her come inside
so from what I can tell
She's waitin' for me at the door.
There's a storm cracklin' outside
lightnin' cuttin' across
the smokey sky
and I'm in love...
too bad she ain't here.
I'd like the comfort
cause I'm broke
deep in the hole
and my bank don't give a shit
but I do.
A big one.
Why am I drinkin' coffee?
I'm an insomniac...
that just ain't smart.
The prostitute
on the other side of me
just ordered a chocolate milk
And I'm startin' to think
I'm in a segregated restaurant.
All the black people
are on that side,
and the Whites are eyin' me funny
now the blacks
are eyin' me funny...
Hell, the waitress even looks strange
but this guy next to me
didn't say a word.
So I guess I'm alright.
Was my home state
always this way?
Maybe so,
but ain't that America?
Blacks on the Left
Whites on the Right
and a broke, hungry poet
smokin', gettin' wired
and obviously in the wrong place.
With a warm bed next door
a black cat outside
and a woman
who ain't there...

Charlotte NC
7 27 09


Jesus minus u. said...

I've got some real estate here in my bag...

Ben the Spider said...

What a great song :)