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Thursday, May 7, 2009

What I do at Work...

So I wrote this as a direct stream of consciousness, which means that you can't judge too harshly. I basically do things like this all day at work. -BH

Sellin' this bullshit,
I'm not excited,
Jesse's sellin' bullshit,
he ain't excited,
Ari's sellin' bullshit,
she ain't excited,
Katlyn's sellin bullshit,
she ain't excited,
Emily's got the day off,
I'd be excited,
I'm writin' shit down,
Jesse's on the internet,
Ari's watchin' videos,
Wonder if we'll all regret,
Wastin' this time here,
Empty money, empty time,
I console myself with pens,
just to keep my soul sublime,
what's with this art man?
Want to make it for the world,
pay me so that I can fly,
to Greensboro to see my girl,
New York is like that,
skinny cats get fat,
feedin' off the people,
when we get cheese, we look like rats,
Mercury risin'
It's good because the winters cold,
Love is still in retrograde,
Souls are still worth less than pearls,
Who built that clock man?
Geez it's tickin' awful fast,
feels like time is speedin' up,
twenty twelve will be a blast,
While we're waitin' for a raise,
waitin' in this endless daze,
waitin' for the end of days,
wadin' in this empty haze,
I'm just a crab guys,
so I'm walkin' sideways...