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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

On to Heaven

See if you can find the rhythm. It might help to read out loud. I rarely read my stuff out loud, but I'll admit that this is one of the few that I enjoy to read and hear.

Years and weeks and days,
And time is just as still,
As rooms and rivers without love,
and something underneath it all
continues still to rise,
and right above this normal plane,
are fields of flowing laughter,
And we're just tryin' to get that high,
for something isn't right,
We get so high when we feel low,
and though it isn't real,
we're wrapped up in the feeling,
cause it's all we'll really know,
When we can see the stars,
but just as white polka-dot ceilings,
it's just that freedoms hard,
and when then it is put to thought,
we get the more uneasy
at the thought of being free,
our feet don't look as sturdy
when we take off into flight,
so look to left and right
and make a life of horizontals,
connect point A to B or C,
don't worry 'bout the depth,
cause once you start to rise
you see the houses get much smaller,
and sweat in clouds and rainbows,
because you can fall so far,
and losing heaven hurts so bad,
but did you ever ponder,
how ugly then
are streets of gold?