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Friday, August 29, 2008

Thoughts before bed

So sleepy
problem is
if my soul drifts down
into that unfathomable state
what happens to Ben?
Will I wake up?
My last breath
may be this very night.
I'll pray just in case
cause hell is hot,
or I'll meditate
so I can reincarnate
into a butterfly
or a god.
Maybe I'll write a will
leave all my stuff
to that last girl I slept with
or empty my bowels
so they won't find my carcass
covered in shit.
I should wear something nice
look artistic
maybe pose in a praying position
face to the sky
with a tear on my left cheek.
Actors can do that kind of thing.
No I'll just sleep
like a normal man,
but I'll keep a stick on me
just in case I do die
to beat the devil off my heels
cause that dog'll definitely
come barkin'.