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Friday, August 29, 2008

Build a web

I'm a lot like a spider
'cept I don't make webs
or eat bugs
not on purpose anyway.
I do have hairy legs,
but I only have 2
well... maybe 3.
I could be poisonous
and I do bite,
but I only have 2 eyes
I've never been called 4 eyes
maybe bright eyes,
but I wear sunglasses a lot.
I'm sometimes sneaky,
but nobody ever hit me with the paper,
or tried to step on me.
But I do
try my damndest,
to devour my lovers completely
and wholeheartedly
attempting to feel every ounce of them
as we spin a web of a different kind.
But only lady black widows do that,
and I ain't no chick.