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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

With Love, from the road.

Merrily then we wept upon the shore
Forgetting happiness but as a bind
To measure that which there is no tool for
Save for action and solace both in kind.

And underneath umbrellas wrapped in sheets
Of spirit cleansing ebbs of blinding rain
we grip the handle case our eyes should meet
To brace ourselves 'gainst Love's eternal pain.

For every flower thinks itself a song
A melody played out in root and stem
A tune with which we both must sing along
a dream that once inside we share with them.

And though we know no love greater than ours
'Tis recognized the sunlight who came first
And through this force that strengthens through rain showers
We will our ghosts to bind the universe.



Ester Wilson said...

i love reading your words on this blog. It always seems so real, and ego-less here, honest.


Ester Wilson said...

this is really beautiful. i love it.

Ben the Spider said...

I'm really happy that you like this one. Sometimes I'll play with iambic pentameter for the hell of it, and it usually comes out very well.