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Friday, April 24, 2009

When E.L. goes

I remember her as formless.
Something of a wisp,
Kissing the back of my neck.
A lucid memory,
Like mist around your ankles,
And leaves about your hair.

She stands in my heart,
As God stands in the details,
And the details are of space
And time.
Something distant sings,
In harmony with the wind.

Peering through my window,
Wrapped in cloud cover,
A stringed ornament is used
To catch the melody.
Love is in the currents,
As time is in the imagination.

No one blinks,
As light flows
Like firefly rivers.
That light is of her skin,
As hers is paired with mine,
As stars sing throughout space.



Jesus minus u. said...

Time to fall back into love with your cerebrum... however, I must admit, I never did receive closure.

Ben the Spider said...

you're wonderful.