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Wednesday, February 25, 2009


There's a garden there,
with soft loamy soil
waiting for us.
It's a ways down the road,
after too many fights,
More love making than thought
humanly possible,
running into each other's arms
to hide,
making each other brave,
the two of us,
avoiding the world,
making strong,
facing the world,
Learning love,
beating the world.
After triumph,
and countless packs of
and a myriad of potions,
there is a garden,
with soft soil,
and sunshine for our backs,
rain for our heads,
and a little wooden house,
silly cats
with ridiculous names,
gorgeous children...
or not...
And a plane ticket
waiting on the desk.
By candle light
it reads "______"


Ester Wilson said...

Hi Ben-
I saw your comment that "you want it" ;)

so I made a private sales page if you really do:

and if you were just leaving a super sweet comment, then I appreciate that too. :)

Ben the Spider said...

You don't frame something made of wax do you? how am I going to hang it?

Jesus minus u. said...

I can't help but be kind.
I fall victim to romance; head over heels for this poem.