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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Life Through the Void

Mothers in different colors

Assorted flavors

lining up.

Such a beautiful flock

of Divinity.

They thrust the fabric

of the cosmos

into being.

We all look upon it.

Revel in its majesty.

Rarely do we realize

the ethereal nature of who...

or the ephemeral nature

of God...



Ester Wilson said...

Hi Ben, hope all's going great, and that you love the 'Horse in Wax' piece :) I'm very happy that it went to a fellow art lover :)

Have a great week!

Ben the Spider said...

I love it. It looks great on my wall and all of my friends comment on how much they like it and how unusual it is. So I let them know about you. You're pretty much the best ;)